Monday, January 18, 2010


Kory and Alisha celebrated the start of a new life together on January 16Th!For those who don't know Alisha is one of Tony's sisters!The wedding was very nice and our family had the blessing of being a big part in her wedding Tony walked Alisha down the aisle and Lillie was a flower girl and Anthony was the ring barrier! Addison was a brides made and I was her maid of honor and this is something special to me because I have a responsibly now to hold Alisha accountable in her marriage and to be there when she needs me to encourage her in the ways of God and what ever it may be she needs!Alisha looked very beautiful and we enjoyed seeing and being part of such a special day created by our God (Marriage)

Trinity Alisha and Kory's little baby girl

Tony with his sisters Alisha and Danielle

Kalani,Addison and Anthony

Kalani and Addison


For His Glory said...

Awe!!! Those turned out precious Crystal!! I loved the group one...I loved seeing my neices, nephew, and you guys all dressed up :) So fun! And Alisha and Kory were just precious too...

Alisha Bowers said...

Aww You Are Two Sweet!

The Pichura Family said...


How fun to have enough "California warmth" to have pictures outside, too!

Brook said...

Looked like a wonderful time. :) Congrats to Aliaha and Kory!