Sunday, May 13, 2012


It sure has been a while since I have blogged! so I thought I would do a little bit of catch up on this post...I think FB gets the best of me now days :) So Iam happy to say we love our little farm we have developed in the last year....we now have a grand total of 75 laying hens and 10 meat chickens, 2 goats,2 sheep and they each had 1 baby this last january,2 pigs one is for meat, 5 rabbits, 3 turkeys, 1 gunine pig, a horse, and 3 doggys...Oh wait and 10 ducks.....yeah I would have to say we have a farm and Tony and I and the kids really do love every bit of the farm life.....The kids are learning the beauty of his creation and the sweet blessings we get to see and enjoy daily.....we crack up all the time at our crazy funny animals and how each and every animal has a personality of there own.....half of our animals we got free from friends which was a huge blessing from God and we feel so blessed by our neighbors who have us for dinner weekly.....we have moved so many times but I tell you what.....we know where we want to be for the rest of our lives and that is in the country:) its peaceful and beautiful in the country!! did I already say we love it.....I think I here is our newest family member hee hee!!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Addison doing what she loves......

Addison has been horse back riding for a year now and she has been doing a great job at building her skills and confidence in riding as well....she has already fallen off a horse this year and has experienced a horse running with her on it as she kicked it and made it up and go....she didnt like either of these happenings and was very upset....but her horse trainer who is very great with children rebuilt her confidence in riding even though it set her back 2 months and her trainer started back on the horse she first started on at day one and worked her back up to the horse she left off on.....she has been learning to groom the horse and take care of her horse before riding and she has the basics of rididng she is now learning to trout with the horse and very much enjoys it.....I love watching her ride and her horse trainer told us she loves watching addison ride horses because she is in a diffrent world.....I cant agree more...from day 1 she has this "WAY" when she gets on a horse and it priceless every time.....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This year was Addison and Anthonys first year playing t-ball and was Addisons first year playing a sport besides horse back riding. They really enjoyed themselves and cant wait to play another sport.

Monday, April 11, 2011

First Time Having Bread.....

I was so excited to find bread for Lillie...I found it at Trader Joe's in the bread section....It has been great because I can give her toast in the morning and make her sandwiches for lunch of coarse without mayo or mustard...Lillie was so excited to have bread for the first time ever and so was I.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus.......

Christmas was a beautiful day for our family....There is just something about celebrating our Savior being born....My mother had her home all decorated beautiful for this special day.....She has always made Christmas extra special for her family and I was so blessed at all she did:) ....she made us home made clam chowder and shrimp and crab crasants and if you had her yummy food you would know its a super big treat:) she even made special food for our kids to eat:)

Our day was filled with blessings after blessings of gifts...Its always so fun to watch my kids open reminds me so much of the excitement of being little and not being able to sleep the night of Christmas kids were up at 3:30am and woke us up and said "mom get up..we are ready to open gifts" We were like " its actually not time go back to bed...its in the middle of the night" Thank God they fell back to sleep until 5:30am lol

my aunt Flo was able to make it down to celebrate opening gift...what a treat it was to have her...Lillie was just loving her to pieces and Addison as well
kalani and uncle
I love this picture of my hubby...he looks so dorky but so cute
papa and Anthony

Handsome boy with his foot ball pads
Jeremiah just handsome as can be
little doll is what she looked like on Christmas
Addison was so excited on this day

Lillie girl

So I think dad thought he was going to help Jeremiah take a nap lol...who put who to nappy poo lol
sweet time watching movies together
Christmas with Grandpa and Grandma Reid was a sweet blessing as well...We enjoyed a yummy casserole that my grandma made....and it was a recipe that my great grandma made I believe when she was young...I received a little glass figure that was in my great grandmothers kitchen and that was special as well as a frame of me when I was a grandma made the frame...when I was just a baby....We had a nice time together

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lillie decided it was a great idea to pour powder all over her head

She made a nice mess for mommy to clean up and I was laughing at myself because as Iam telling her it is not okay... and then Iam taking a picture as its a good thing and she thinks its funny....but I have to get a picture of these types of when they are older I can show them lol

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving With Family.....

So this year we had Thanksgiving at our home and what fun we had....I love being with my family and enjoying eachothers company....I love having the fun we have and just laughing and talking.....
Although this Thanksgiving was not like all the rest....We were celebrating this Thanksgiving without my Grandpa (my moms dad) and grandmother who lived in minnisota all my life....and whom I didnt get to see as much as I would have loved to......there lives touched so many of us in diffrent ways and Iam so Thankful for the time I had with them......alot of us were greiving the lost of there presence on this special day....
My mom said a beautiful prayer for all of us and it blessed my heart as Iam sure it did everyone else...
The kids were a blast and we couldnt have Thanksgiving without some boys play fighting and boy was that a show to watch:)ohhh and papa barry playing fighting to with all the granbabies and neices and nephews:)I think it helps him be a kid again

Uncle Barry and Anthony(my cousin)

(Rik....he is presious:)

Kory and Alisha(one of tonys sisters)and there baby girl Trinity
my Aunt Jackie and cousin Amber
Dad and grandpa Larry
My Aunt Lynn and cousins Ashley and Anthony
Awww...Lillie with Uncle Kory Girls :)
Great Nana with Lillie Girl
Grandma and I
Kawika totally smiling lol and Tony
The Grammys makin them mash potatos :)
Addison and Neaveh
Wow.. Lina Bean beautiful teeth

Grandma and Grandpa Reid