Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus.......

Christmas was a beautiful day for our family....There is just something about celebrating our Savior being born....My mother had her home all decorated beautiful for this special day.....She has always made Christmas extra special for her family and I was so blessed at all she did:) ....she made us home made clam chowder and shrimp and crab crasants and if you had her yummy food you would know its a super big treat:) she even made special food for our kids to eat:)

Our day was filled with blessings after blessings of gifts...Its always so fun to watch my kids open reminds me so much of the excitement of being little and not being able to sleep the night of Christmas kids were up at 3:30am and woke us up and said "mom get up..we are ready to open gifts" We were like " its actually not time go back to bed...its in the middle of the night" Thank God they fell back to sleep until 5:30am lol

my aunt Flo was able to make it down to celebrate opening gift...what a treat it was to have her...Lillie was just loving her to pieces and Addison as well
kalani and uncle
I love this picture of my hubby...he looks so dorky but so cute
papa and Anthony

Handsome boy with his foot ball pads
Jeremiah just handsome as can be
little doll is what she looked like on Christmas
Addison was so excited on this day

Lillie girl

So I think dad thought he was going to help Jeremiah take a nap lol...who put who to nappy poo lol
sweet time watching movies together
Christmas with Grandpa and Grandma Reid was a sweet blessing as well...We enjoyed a yummy casserole that my grandma made....and it was a recipe that my great grandma made I believe when she was young...I received a little glass figure that was in my great grandmothers kitchen and that was special as well as a frame of me when I was a grandma made the frame...when I was just a baby....We had a nice time together

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mom-b said...

crystal, i just came upon your blog as i am looking for as much info about EE and othe rfamilies that are dealing with this. Blessings to you and your family, i am following your blog now if you don't mind.