Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving With Family.....

So this year we had Thanksgiving at our home and what fun we had....I love being with my family and enjoying eachothers company....I love having the fun we have and just laughing and talking.....
Although this Thanksgiving was not like all the rest....We were celebrating this Thanksgiving without my Grandpa (my moms dad) and grandmother who lived in minnisota all my life....and whom I didnt get to see as much as I would have loved to......there lives touched so many of us in diffrent ways and Iam so Thankful for the time I had with them......alot of us were greiving the lost of there presence on this special day....
My mom said a beautiful prayer for all of us and it blessed my heart as Iam sure it did everyone else...
The kids were a blast and we couldnt have Thanksgiving without some boys play fighting and boy was that a show to watch:)ohhh and papa barry playing fighting to with all the granbabies and neices and nephews:)I think it helps him be a kid again

Uncle Barry and Anthony(my cousin)

(Rik....he is presious:)

Kory and Alisha(one of tonys sisters)and there baby girl Trinity
my Aunt Jackie and cousin Amber
Dad and grandpa Larry
My Aunt Lynn and cousins Ashley and Anthony
Awww...Lillie with Uncle Kory Girls :)
Great Nana with Lillie Girl
Grandma and I
Kawika totally smiling lol and Tony
The Grammys makin them mash potatos :)
Addison and Neaveh
Wow.. Lina Bean beautiful teeth

Grandma and Grandpa Reid

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Reflections of Humility said...

It was great to see all of your updated pictures. And it looks like God blessed your time as a family even though you were all missing your great grandma and your grandpa