Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Addison !!!!

October 3rd was Addi sons 6Th birthday and we celebrated it by inviting her cousins to a party at build a bear!It was alot of fun and Addison had a blast!It was very fun to see all the kids picking out there animal to stuffing it to putting a little heart in there animals!Addison loves stuffed animals and had never been to build a bear so we though it would a great day of fun for everyone!After build a bear we went to Chucky cheese to have Luch and played fun games!Then we came home too open gifts and have cup cakes hmmm yummy!!!
Addison opening gifts

mom relaxing and enjoying her grand babies

Addison opening a gift!
Kory and Trinity

washing her Kitty cat Anthony giving his cat a bath!

Mr K and Tony and Kory

hoping around the store!!

Addison has also lost her first front tooth 2 days ago and she had been working on it for a week before she decided she would listen to daddy and eat a apple and it sure did work because it made it lose enough for her to pull it out!Addison does not mess around its funny to me because she has riped out all 3 of her teeth!She get so excited about her teeth falling out maybe because she gets a treat from us when she loses them!


Brook said...


For His Glory said...

Still wish I could of gotten a "build a bear" ....Ha ha! Seriously, the kids will always remember that special treat on Addison's b-day...

Mooing Joyfully said...

What a fun day for Addison!! Happy Birthday Addison. And a time to look back and be thankful for what God has done.

The Pichura Family said...

What a fun trip!!!! Happy Belated Birthday, Addison!!!