Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back on the road again:)

So today I finally got my Expedition back from Sacramento where the poor thing was there for 10 days getting a 3rd transmission put in it:)and I'am so thankful from the bottom of my heart to have it back!the reason is because we have been driving in a little 2 door Honda for the last 10 days and when you have 3 children that close together driving anywhere is not the funnest thing that ever did happen:)You here the sound of children saying things like this"he/she is touching me"and "mommy Iam hot turn the ac on please" or "mom Lillie keeps touching me with sticky hands" or "mommy I don't like daddy's work car! wheres our other car this one I don't like" the last one was the best all though I didn't let them know I felt the same way to hee hee!!but we all learned including me to give thanks always RIGHT? well I tried my best to be thankful only because when I was driving my little Honda It came more to my attention of the certain people who always walk and its because they are people who don't have a car and they have to walk everywhere and that means in the heat,cold ext sssooo at those times I seriously said thank you God for this Honda that we are able to drive while my car is away and the fact it fit all 3 kids and my hubby and I on Sunday was awesome lol I laugh because I felt like sardines in a Honda can :)

So we are so happy to know that the problem with our car was nothing we did but was a defect in the transmission which would be the last 2 reason we needed a new transmission and so we are hoping this transmission will last longer then 3 years this time!

This is our very cool Honda and I thought you might just want to see this cute little blue car that I probly will not miss till another car goes out:)I know..... I am thankful:)


For His Glory said...

Isn't it wonderful all the life lessons God loves to bring us to to teach us and reveal to us our hearts and where they should be or need to be :) So glad you have your beast back...You have to admit though, I bet filling up on gas was nice in the Honda:) hee hee

The Pichura Family said...

Rejoicing with you in extra space and a fixed car!!!! :)