Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I know God will supply all our needs!!

Hmm where do I start well I will say this last month has been very trying as you all know Tony and I have payed off our expedition! we are very happy and excited at the fact that we have no more monthly payments however our the transmission in our expedition has went out!! YUP IT DID !!! now this is not the first time we will be putting a transmission in our SUV but it will be our 2nd time and the 3RD transmission in this SUV!! We are totally bumed for sure! we cant afford to pay anywhere from 1,500.00 to 3,000 dollars that it is going to take to put into our expedition! It has been 1 week with a broken SUV :( About two years ago a 1993 mercy villager van was thoughtfully given to us from my aunt and uncle who own a towing yard !We have tried to smog this van twice so we can get our registration current and drive it on the road but the van will not pass smog!I personally like driving a van its so much easier for me with my kids and I actually thought I would just drive the van till we could get the expedition up and running again but I have a feeling we are out on the option of driving the van anymore!! So tony and I for the last week have been feeling a bit stressed out due to the fact that we have doctor apts and Lillie's therapy we attend twice a week and church and all the other many places I love to go heehee! Its amazing how much you use your vehicle and how important they are to your daily living :)

So in saying all of this Tony and I have been trying to decide what would be best for us!Would buying a new van be the best idea since we have put a new transmission in our car every 3 years?With much praying and much thought We decided NOPE NOT A GREAT IDEA!! I think its silly putting a 3rd transmission in a car but what I think may be silly is not silly to God !! I don't understand why God would allow us to pay a car off just for it to have problems!I don't understand alot of what Gods plan is for us!Honestly I know that is not for me to understand and me not knowing is not for me to figure out!I know that what God call me to do is to TRUST HIM COMPLETELY and boy is that not always easy because my flesh wants to say"What in the world do you think your doing???!! I know God has our family close in his arms so why?do I become anxious and fearful of how we will come up with money we do not have for a car! I know God will never leave us without our needs meet!Our family has alot and more then some times I think we need!!I loved it when our pastor had said a few weeks back in church that" There are others countries praying for America because we have so many things in our lives that take our eyes off of our creator God"!This is so true!!!Really all of this not having a working car comes down to keeping my eyes fixed on Christ and seeking him not "how will our car get fixed" God is so faithful especially when Iam not and Iam so thankful that he knows me and understands me and finds me of some worth to show me how yucky my heart can be when things dont always go as Iam use to and iam so thankful he shows me where my face needs to fixed and its on Him and how I can best serve him in my attitude during a another trial !!God was gracious to our family and and our needs have been meet by God and we will be getting our expedition fixed sometime in the next 2-3 weeks and we have been blessed with Lillie's physical therapist coming to our home to do therapy!!This to me is huge because lately I have just wanted to be home and with my kids!I feel as though Iam never just at home where I can enjoy the morning with my kids!So this is a blessing for the time that my Car is down:)We also don't have to pay the gas going back and forth!!although we are putting out some serious chunk of money we are saving on gas hee hee!!Iam not sure that made sense :)So now Iam going to be praying for wisdom for my hubby because he is trying to decide if he should just put it in the shop or if he should put the transmission in himself and save money???hmmm that I don't know:)All I do know is Gods in control and sees what I don't!I have a good feeling there is going to be another post on this post :)
Ya I was talking to my sister on the phone the other day and was telling her that God allowed us to be just comfortable enough to buy some comfy couches lol.My sister said" literally no punt intended"I think God has a sense of humor although my flesh would like to say its not that funny heehee!!

"Knowing that you were not redeemed with perishable things like silver or gold from your futile" way of life inherited from your forefather, but with presious blood, as of a lamb unblemished and spotless, the blood of Christ.
1 Peter 1:18-19


For His Glory said...

Awe how the Lord loves to test HIs children and remind them of His everlasting, never failing faithfulness...I am so thankful you had your prayers (to stay home more) answered! Ha ha...Not funny, I know, but I know you are rejoicing in the fact that God does provide!

The Pichura Family said...

Oh, Crystal..thanks for sharing your heart and being so honest about the struggle...but also the truth...preaching to yourself the whole time!

I will be praying that God continues to give you wisdom on what to do...and that, as You trust Him, He will blow your socks off in taking care of your need!!!!

I love you! And, thanks for a picture of the couches! The room looks FANTASTIC!!! :)

The Johnson Family said...

Thanks for sharing all that, Crystal! I think we have all been there at some point...I'll definitely be praying for you! Isn't it amazing that the Lord really DOES provide all our needs when we need them...we can worry and be anxious or we can trust Him, looking back at how he has provided for all our needs thus far.

Lol...and the couches made me laugh...I think the Lord thought you needed that blessing...which is why you bought them before your transmission died :)

Mooing Joyfully said...

Your preaching the gospel to your kids in your actions as you wait on the Lord to show you what to do. Keep pressing on and holding onto the truth.
I will be praying for you. And your couches look beautiful and his timing was perfect in getting them.

Brook said...

Isn't it such a load off of your mind that we do not have the final say but rather God knows what is best for us and our soul (even if it doesn't seem like it's the best for us)? Oh to walk closely with Him and He does what it takes to draw us near. Enjoy your extra time at home, gal! Take a breather and use your new found time for a little extra bible study! ;) ♥♥♥ Love ya!

lisha said...

I do not like your expedition! But I like you lol... Although I like it way more then the van... Iyiyiyiyi. Go look at my page I re did it! I love your new living room set up by the way.

Brook said...

Gal! Where did you go? It's been weeks since this post!