Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy Days~Sick days~Fun Days~Sad Days!!!!

So I know it has been a while since I posted!I thought I better post and let you know what we have been up lately !! since you are probably thinking where are the post!Well here it goes !!!!
After 6 weeks of waiting we finally got Lillie's new feeding machine that weights alot less then her other one she had!The back pack is even smaller for her!!It was funny because the first one she had weighed her back ward when it was on her back!She likes it and actually ask to put it on!On another note we took Lillie on Sunday to urgent care because her eye was watering and was red on the outside!The doctor said it look like she had a slight scratch on it and sent us home with a prescription to heal her eye!I was actually excited because I had found a medical bracelet for Lillie at the pharmacy where I got her med!!I wanted her to have one so that when we are at functions like b-day parties,ext people will see the bracelet and not be so out to give her foods!!Lillie wears the bracelet just fine and does not complain about it being on her hand!I do believe Lillie is so use to change that Iam thankful to God that she does do grest with new things that are changes for her!!
~~~~~~~~Sick days~~~~~~~~~~~
On another note I have not been feeling all that well!!part of the reason I have not blogged As soon as the weather changes in our town I have asthma issues!That means no sleep at night~totally tired from lack of night sleep~coughing~and not breathing well !!!Thankfully God has been my strength to keep going as I should!!Some how He gives me the joy I need to make it through my daily task of wife and mom!!
~~~~~The passing of a dear Lady~~~~~

Alisha's(Tony's sister) fiance Kory and his family lost a dear Lady Linda Olgesby on the 26Th of augest!This women is Kory's Nana!Nana held dinner every single night at her house for the whole family!This was after a 8 hour day at work that she would come home to make dinner for her family.Every single holiday was at Nana's and papa's home !Nana loved the lord and it showed in all different ways through her life!Close to 9 months ago Nana had the sweet blessing of seeing her only great grand baby be born that she would ever see before she would pass away Trinity Hope Bowers Alisha's and Kory's baby girl!Kory was very close to his Nana and this is a huge sorrow for the family as they will miss her dearly!But we can celebrate her presence with her king in heaven.Tony and I had the blessing of going to her funeral yesterday!We enjoyed hearing about her and how she greatly affected those around her!!They played beautiful songs that sang of the lord!They read bible verses that were Nana's very favorite.We were so glad to be there for the family and show we love them and will there for them through this very sad time.

~~~~~~by to the old couches and in with the new ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So my sister and brother gave tony and I there old couches about 3 or 4 years ago and they had them for about 7-9 years before giving them to us!They had went through 5 kids and we all know how many body fluids can come from one child lol not to mention food and drinks :)The couch cushions have been washed so many times lol !!!So my husband said it was time to purchase some new couches for the family!So we saved money that I was making off of e-bay and Tony worked 3 days over time and after a month we went and got some new couches!!I actually came home with different couches then what we saved up for!WHY?? Because the ones we saved for looked as though They wouldn't be good for us because I could just see them getting thrashed after a couple of drips of juice or hand oil ext!I just knew something stronger and more colors would hide stains ext:)Tony loved the ones I switched to so we were all good :)We love them and are soo excited because the couches are our first store furniture purchase ever in 7 years together!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~School Days~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The kids are loving school and we enjoy the time spent together that we are learning together!Addison can now write her own name without looking at her name written down for her and she finally learned how to make a S after 1 week!Anthony knows how to write his name as well and struggled to write the letter Y but now can write it all by himself!!!


For His Glory said...

It's about time!! I was feeling as though I had lost a blogging buddy :) I am so sorry you have been suffering dear sister, I hate that you are! I know that you are so tired and exhausted, I want you to know that I am here to relieve you anytime you need :)

TeaLa said...

About the couch... check into getting it "scotch guarded" it should make fluids on your couch just puddle and not set in! They do it for car upholstery and interriors! You may want to do some pricing, it will make your investment of the couch set last even longer :)

I love you honey!

Mooing Joyfully said...

It sounds like things are going well. It was so nice to see you on Saturday. What a blessing it is to school your children together. I thought that was such a great idea. And every time you look at your couches you will be thinking how you spent your money wisely. And I will be praying for you with the lack of sleep. :@)

The Pichura Family said...

Thanks for the update, Crystal...but nosy me still wants to see a picture of your new couches! :) I'll be praying for you...I remember how hard it was for you with your asthma..I am so sorry!

Brook said...

My dear friend, I saw a commercial for an asthma medication and thought about you and how YOU SHOULD STOP BY TO SEE YOUR DOCTOR AGAIN and perhaps ask about the med. But I forgot what it's called's not the one you already told me about...something different. Dowt! If I see the commercial again I'll text you! I hope you feel better gal. I'll be praying for you!!! ♥♥♥ Lots of love!!!