Monday, August 10, 2009

NorthHills Family Camp :)

So we went to our first family camp with our church for the weekend!We had alot of fun!We learned about "our Stuff" and how really is it important in our lives!We were blessed to hear my brother in law give a beautiful testimony of his life and how Jesus saved his life.We had awesome worship each day and boy did the girl like the boys leading it!The kids had such a blast and it was such a blessed time getting closer to our church family!They are such special individuals and were such a joy to spend time with this last weekend.We also enjoyed doing skits,watched movies,played chubby bunny with marshmallows as well!"Oh and WE GOT DIRTY FOR SURE LOL"We cant wait to go next year!!Thank you to everyone who put the camping trip together so we could enjoy a great time together as a church family!

Lillie girl!!
Addison and her friend Sarah!
Amy and her hubby
Becky boo!!
Susan doing them good o dishes!!
Amber with her daughter Jenesis and Laura
Addison and k and Lillie worshiping to the music!
Hanging out!!!
pre-teens in front row!!!Hmmm I wonder why:)THE BAND LOL!!


For His Glory said...

We can't wait till next year too! What a blast it was!

The Pichura Family said...

What a sweet time! I loved seeing all the pictures on your's and Wendy's blog!!!!

Love you!