Sunday, August 16, 2009

Addisons First Tea Party With Nana !!!!

Addison and Kalani and there American girl dolls were invited by Nana to come to her house for a tea party!Addison Got all dressed up and I curled her hair!Nana had this planed for about 3 weeks and worked hard at making the tea party meaningful and memorable as well!!Nana fixed a table all up and made the girls such a special lunch with there names by there plates!Nana had a special time talking to the girls about "Seeking God with all your heart " and she did a special hunt to help them understand what seek means by hiding different things and the Addison and Kalani had to seek for them.They played dress up together,and they did each others make up,they danced to music and laughed and had such a special time!Thank you mom for making that day so special for Addison and Thank you for making memories that will seriously last a life time with my daughter and soon Lillie will be joining in on the fun memories of Nana's Special tea parties. I love you!!

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The Pichura Family said...

Your mom is so precious, Crytal! What sweet memories for her granddaughters!!!