Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Big Girl Addison!!

So I decided that I would start my new blog on Addison!but before I did I thought I better go to the bathroom before I start,and not to my surprise Addison walks in to the bathroom to right behind me!let me remind you that before I went to the bathroom I was on my computer,and little miss Addison well she had her learning computer right next to mine,and she was on hers as well! so back to the bathroom, she walks in ,and I say " honey can I go potty by myself please" and she says"but mommy I just wanna hang out with you" and I said "well you don't need to follow me everywhere honey" and she said "yes I do mommy I want to be with you because I love you alot". honestly I was bugged that she followed me into the bathroom but after hearing that from Addison it changed my heart,and it made me laugh.Its amazing how the lord uses our children to change our hearts in just the Little things in life.

So as you can tell Addison loves to be with mom everywhere I go!I love how she cracks me up everyday! Addison is full of energy and never sits for more then 5 min, she is my child who believes life is full of fun, if she is not acting like a horse she is a cat,dog,bear ext...she makes songs up when we are driving in the car,and has a imaginary family to. Addison loves her dog areial , and wants to go out in the back yard to play with her in the pouring rain!Addison is also a sweet heart as well she plays with Lillie and treats her like a baby its funny to watch her. Addison loves to help out with cooking ,not much cleaning but were working on that.Addison is fun to be with and loves to have fun that's for sure.Addison has found a new found love to do thanks to her cousin Kalani , and that's dress up!! she loves it alot.Wow!!! God is so good to our family and me as a mom I thank GOD for these little children they are precious to my heart and drive me crazy but I couldn't ask for more cause God has given me more then I could ask for with my children.


For His Glory said...

Thank you for sharing your heart! I love seeing you share what God is teaching you! Keep going for the Glory of GOd!!

lisha said...

Awwww this blog is very true and the whole bathromom thing is so special lol. You are right you are very blessed to have her!

The Pichura Family said...

That cracked me up...isn't that so like the midst of our irritation to remind us of how precious our children are. I had that happen today with Faith. She could see that I was frustrated with school and came over, put her arm around me and said...Mom, can I pray for you? And she did!!!!