Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I Just wanted to say I love you both!I thank God for giving me such a blessing as you two! I cant say thank you enough for all the encouragement and love you have Gaven me!All the little things you do that tickle my heart and bring the greatest joy to my heart to know that Iam loved by you!To know that my burdens are not carried alone but are carried by others in the little things with a helping hand of cleaning my house with me,or watching one of my children so that I take my other children to the doctors!or just listening to me and understanding !I love you guys and God couldn't have picked out better best friends for me:)I do believe that he knows me all to well!!(maybe cause he created me)thank you! citha and Winnie:)


For His Glory said...

Awe...Thanks Pristina! You know you can always count on us to walk with you through your discouraging days! It was a blessing to be able to serve you and bless you...Thank you for the sweet post! Love you

The Pichura Family said...

Isn't it the richest blessing to have family that loves the Lord!!! I agree with you, too...I think your mom and sister are pretty special!!!:)