Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Day At Daddy's Work !!

Yesterday was Tony's work picnic at his work place!For those who do not know where my husband works~ Tony works at Ball Metal a can plant!where they make the cans we drink soda out of and he is a maintainer on the machines that make the cans!My grandpa (my dads dad) had worked in a can plant for 30 something years and My dad has worked at ball metal for 30 years and counting!My uncle (my dads brother) works at ball as well and Iam not sure how many years he has been there!So now my brother in law Kawika has been at Ball for 10 years and Tony has been there for 5 years!In this small town we live in Kawika has 2 cousins who are brothers who work at ball to lol !!!

At work the guys all have nicknames for each other Tony's nickname is "corn dog" he got this name due to the fact he use to eat corn dogs all the time at work!We had to cut those out of his lunch due to his Ulcerative colitis!Kawika is "pineapple"I think he got this name because he is Hawaiian.

Daddy's tool box

They work with some people who are very kind and thoughtful and then there are people that keep us praying for our husbands at work!I will never forget the Christmas before this last Christmas tony and I had been in and out of the hospital with Lillie and Tony's crew gave him a card and all signed it with words of encouragement and $1,200.00 dollars that they had all put into the card!What a true blessing it was to our hearts (we were both crying when we opened the card:)They told my husband that it was for our family to spend on something fun not bills or gas to doctors,or prescriptions but that it was for us to have a good time together!God is so good and God could not have blessed us more!Those kind things leave a impression on your heart for ever!Besides that the people on his crew are always asking how we are doing and Its a blessing to my heart to know that they care about our family!Iam also thankful to God for the job my husband has and Iam thankful to my husband for all the hard work he does each day so that he can provide for his family!He takes good care of us and Iam thankful for what he does because God knows I could not do what he does and be on my feet for 12 hours a day and be in a plant that is always 15 to 20 degrees hoter inside theen it is outside(especially summer time) .

So back to the picnic lol ~They had a rock climbing wall for the kids a jumpy slide,ice cream truck,clowns and games!The kids had a blast and so did I :)We also got to go on the floor where tony works and the kids got to go as well except Lillie she was to little!We had to wear ear plugs and safety glasses!

Addison and auntie Wendy walking through the plant!

We were in the wear house and Those are all cans behind us! crazy ha?

Lillie and Nana going down the slide!

On our way home after a fun day with Daddy at work!!


The Pichura Family said...

Wow, looks like you had a super fun day...and what a blessing for the kids to see where their daddy works so hard!!!
Love you and so thankful for where God has you as a family!!!

coolcapmom said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog "Bringing up my boys".You have a beautiful family. I would love to hear more about Lillie's diagnosis and how she is progressing. Aaron is also on the Splenda/Pulmicort mix. You can email me at anytime.