Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"MaMa I Eat"

This post title is a very normal sentence in Lillie's daily vocabulary of sentences and since we have took out all dairy, all nuts, all fish, soy, beef, Lamb , sunflower, wheat, it has token alot out of her choice of foods we give her! we hear "I eat mama" awhole lot more and its almost as though she has become obsessive with foods and asking for food every 20 minutes and when I give her food she wants more then what I gave her! :)
So when we went to her speech therapy this week her therapist Kelly noticed Lille doing the same thing as I was experiencing at home and she asked me about it and I told her what was going on with Lillie since we took the foods out of her daily life!I told her I was not sure what to do for her! Kelly came up with this great idea to make a box and put all her snacks in baggys and put them in the box so she has full accsess to her snacks!So I went home and took her idea and changed it around a bit as you can see in the picture:)I bought 2 99 cent key holders and put stickers on them and Lets just say as long as her hooks have snacks she does great and is very happy and so is mama. Lillie knows that she doesn't have to worry about food being token away from her as long as its hanging on the wall for has really helped her out alot with how she was feeling about her food! please just be praying that her July6th apt goes well and she can still have fruits and veggies!because Lord knows I seriously wont know what to do:( if I have to take those away from her!I know God knows and if it turns out she is allergic I will have to trust in his plan for Lillie and I know it will not be easy as it is not easy right now to take certain foods away from her!Its like as a mom you are suppose to feed your children not take foods away but in this EE life you do the opposite to keep your children healthy and well!Its taking some time to get use to changing my mind frame when it comes to Lillie.

I have a blog friend and her husband and daughter has EE and she has a precious verse on her blog and I wanted to share it.

Jesus said, "This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God may be glorified through it."John 11:4

I so believe this verse is so true!!and its such a great reminder of why we face sickness in ways we cant explain.This verse is almost all you need when you question why? WHY?do I have to face being sick or why I have to watch my family face sickness!It is to Glorifie The lord our God in the trial of being sick or being the one watching them be sick:)I LOVE IT!!!


For His Glory said...

I love that verse sister!! What a beautiful simple verse....O and I love that idea about her own little foods, it's soooo gonna give you some relief and Lillie some contentment!!

Ross and Lisa said...

Crystal, great idea with the food bags. I'm sure she continually asked for food out of fear that it was just going to be taken away; or no longer be there. Poor baby! Thanks for all of the prayer and support you have shown while we were in Cincy!

Your it just allergy testing or scope or both???

The Pichura Family said...

Crystal...what a great idea! What a blessing for you to be given the idea...and I love how you tweaked it! :)

And the verse is should stencil it or somehow put it in Lillie's room!!!

Love you!

Mooing Joyfully said...

What a great idea!! I will be in prayer for Lillie and her appointments.