Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So our family of 5 was sick for a total of two weeks with every symptom you can think of !I have never been so sick in my whole life it was not fun at all and I hope I never ever get it again! Iam sure we had swine flu at least that's what the doctor told Tony we all had.We went through 2 bottles of fever reducer for the kids 1 bottle of extra strength Tylenol and 1 bottle of NyQuil:)Oh and 4 boxes of tissue nuts ha!!!We also went through a total of 5 gallons of apple juice and 2 litters of 7up!I think we checked our temps over a hundred times lol:)I do thank God though for allowing us to get better in our comfort of home and that none of us ended up in the hospital.We were blessed enough that we could hook Lillie up each night with pedialyte to keep her hydrated and that in fact was a huge blessing in its self because we were able to put her meds through her tube as well and Lillie and Anthony were actually the ones that were least sick out of us 5.
Although we were sick we were so encouraged by family and friends that took care of us the best way they could without putting there own family at risk of getting sick. We had meals made for us for most of the time we were sick!
I actually had a sister in Christ call me a week into being sick and she is the one who organizes meals for others with our church when families are in need and well she ask if we needed any meals and you know what I had the nerve to say to her " No we are actually feeling alot better" I know she must have thought I was crazy as all heck to say that and the thing was YES I was crazy and what is really funny is that this lovely women is a family doctor so Iam sure she was seriously thinking CRAZY WOMEN. I actually thinking that I didn't want people driving all the way from vacaville to drop off a meal to us!What I was not thinking of was the fact that I was robbing others of blessing our family in a time of need and I was infact being prideful:( YUCK!!!!! I was feeling better then what I had been feeling but I was far from feeling better lol.
So knowing what I had said God quickly humbled me and I called her back and told her "I was sorry and that our family in deed could use meals. looking back I was not feeling great at all.
We were so blessed and I can not explain how much we needed meals!It allowed us to heal and get rest without stressing about food for ourselves and the kids!It was so encouraging to our hearts because everyone was taking care of us when we really couldn't and everyone really helped us to get better! SO WE SAY THANK YOU AND WE LOVE YOU!!!!
We do feel normal again and I actually forgot what it felt like feel normal again.The Lord has allowed me to have the energy to get the whole house back to standing lol I mean I must have done 13 loads of clothes,blankets,sheets ext from being sick and all that good stuff.My hubby is back to work and he actually missed 4 days of work!Someone from his work signed up for over time and actually called my hubby and told him he could have his over time day if he would like since he missed 4 days of work and so my hubby took it. I tell you what talk about trusting God in the mist of the "not knowing" God always provides no matter what and Iam so thankful to Him for that. My hubby was also able to cash in 2 pch's (personal choice holiday) and thankfully he had them to cash in.
We are also trying to get caught up on Addison's schooling since she was out for 2 weeks!So my sis reminded me that our charter school has a week off for thanksgiving so we are going to just work right through that week and then there is time off in December to so we are going to work through that week as well:)Iam telling you God is faithful to see us through everthing even when we dont see our way through something like being sick for 2 weeks.I cant help but thank God that we can see God and his blessings in them even in times of trials!
I just had to post the picture of Addison because it kinda reminded me of myself and how I felt when I was sick :)


For His Glory said...

See! God has a purpose in all things doesn't He! I'm so glad you shared what God did in all the midst of a situation that we could quickly find reason to "grumble" which I know there were probably days that took place :) But I love how you saw God in it all! So glad your back from the "dead" :)

Brook said...

I am so glad you guys are feeling better and no hospital visits were needed! I'm sure you were an excellent nurse to your family (as always)! Praise God. ♥

In fervent love,

The Pichura Family said...

Thanks for sharing about God's faithfulness in the midst of sickness and how He used others to help you...it is such a good reminder to me to keep on the lookout for how to meet the needs of others, too!