Thursday, December 3, 2009


I think Hippy likes Addison's orange juice lol ! My daughter loves animals with a passion!I do love animals to and totally loved them at Addisons age!My parents always had animal for us when me and my sister were young and I enjoyed having them to play with.I had a rat when I was little and loved him!I do believe we will be putting Addison in 4H in a couple of years!This girl had owned 2 lab mixes and a rabbit and 3 baby chickens and fish that she put in my garbage disposal when she was 2 I never new they were in there until later that day when I had turned it on 3 or 4 times lol and she told me "fishy mama" and pointed to the sink!Ya...... I found where they were after looking everywhere :~) I remember her always getting a chair and if I was in the other room she was in the kitchen putting her snacks in the tank along with pennies or what ever she could find lol! Oh and the best was when she stuck her chicken in a KFC box and wanted it shut!I was very tempted to send the picture of her into KFC.

So now we have 1 doggy(we think she is prego) 1 Guinea pig, 1 fish that killed 10 others, and 2 rats The other animals that I had mentioned had to be given away and well the chickens got ate by our next door neighbors dog.

I thought these pictures were cute and I wanted to share them with you just for fun:)


For His Glory said...

Ahhh how you and I are so alike in many ways and SOOOOOO not alike in others...This is one of them :) ha ha!

The Pichura Family said...

Crystal...what a precious post...and what a precious picture of Addison and her rat! :)

Brook said...

Randy Alcorn had an animal post I thought you guys would enjoy:

Brook said...

Sorry I was quiet for four days. I do read your blog (even when I forget to post) :) hee, hee. :) I love you gal and hope you and your family are well. ♥