Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Variety for Lillie Girl

I must say with a daughter with Eosinophic Esophagitis Iam always on the look out for more variety of foods for her...I always try to look for foods that will bring happiness to her because Iam always telling her she cant have this or she cant have that...The joy that comes when you are able to say "YES" you can have this the best feeling a mom can have....Lillie is amost 4 years old and understands she cant have all foods and that in its self is a blessing because she is starting to understand it will make her sick and throw up....The only hard part now is when she ask" mommy that make me sick? can Lillie have that? I love it?" and me saying " No Sweetie " it will make Lillie sick...You would think I would get use to saying no but the truth is that....It hurts every single time...I know I can replace certain things like her at birthday her gum or candy instead of cake and ice cream but it still hurts to say she cant have it and I dont know why because she does not know what its like to even have certain foods because she has never had them I think its just a mom thing....I know she can have more then some EE kids and Iam truly blessed she can still eat foods and is not on a strict amino based formula only diet like some eos kids and if there comes a day where she does have to then I know God will supplie all of Lillies and our familes needs...He has been faithful time and time again through this journey with lillie girl.

All this to say I was out of town food shopping and went to the dollar store and next door to the dollar store was a store called "Nutrition Shoppe" so I of corse thought " hmmm maybe lillie can have some foods in there" I went in and was feeling dicouraged as I couldnt find anything she could have because everything had at least one ingreident she couldnt as I went to check out with some lolly pops for lil I asked the lady do you have anything for my daughter who cant have beef,Lamb, wheat, soy, sunflower, Garlic, all dairy, all fish, all nuts and she said "yes" I honestly was thinking she just wanted me to buy something and just said yes to try and look or something..but my thoughts were not true lol because she had handed me corn pasta,and brownie mix and pancake mix...."WHAT"I had past them all up before because I had thought there was no reason to even look because of what is normally in these things...I was suprised and was overwhelmed with joy when I seen none of the foods she is allergic to on the ingredients...and so far the first week we have made the pancakes and I made the whole bag and food saved them in packs of 2 for the mornings and I even put blue berries in them...just to have her pull them all out each morning:) Lillie loved them and never left any not eaten and week 2 we made the corn pasta and I cooked turkey meat and mixed it up and she did great and had no allergic reaction and loved it.We are going to try the brownies this week and I forgot to mention why this is so exciting and its because Lillie has never had pancakes,brownies or pasta :~)

I took pictures of the foods just incase someone else who has allergies or Eos disease can possibly have them as well... Even though it says to make with eggs we just put applesause in for the eggs and it work just fine

Addison wanted to help make Lillies pancakes..We tried a bit of one and both decided they tasted totally diffrent then the ones we eat lol and are thankful for the ones we eat....:)


For His Glory said...

Awe!! Yay...I'm so happy for "lil pill"...We take so much for granted being able to eat anything we want, I am so thankful she is able to eat some foods knowing some EE patients can't have any food at all...

clmichel said...

It is nice to read a post and really relate to your emotions. Most people probably don't get it but it takes so much TIME reading labels and it is a roller coaster of ups and downs...mostly downs. Sometimes I will find a product my son can have and I literally can shed tears of joy! Thanks for posting it is nice to not feel so alone in this battle! One product can make a big difference when you are SO limited.
Can she have the Daiya Cheese?
I have made my son mac and cheese using that cheese microwaved w/ some Rice milk and put on Corn Pasta.
I noticed she can't have garlic. Garlic is one of the ones I hate the most.
Good luck
Thanks for Sharing!

Allergy Mum said...

I LOVE finding new safe food. It always is huge for us finding something safe to eat as well. I agree with clmichel, look into Daiya "cheese", which is a wonderful addition to our kitchen. It is free of dairy, soy, gluten, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts, so it may be safe for you. The ingrediants are listed on their website.
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