Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Things Are In Full Swing

div>I am so glad Iam actually sitting down to blog....So we started school last week on monday and going on our second week...Addison is in 1st grade and we actually switched her work books to "Rod and Staff"and she seriously loves them and is confident about the work she does..infact a couple days ago she said to me "mommy Iam so proud of my self because I did all my work" in fact I was very happy for her because last year was a lot diffrent and I think the work books overwhelmed her.

Anthony is in kindergarden and he is learning that "We do school" He would like to play more then work and he is getting the idea of what we do everyday now.... Addison I think has got it down really well.....we do work -dont play-get it all done before 3pm so I can play with 2 of my best friends(she daily plays with these girls and they are just presious and find Addison just as special as she finds them.

Anthony is very great with his work and when he does his work he does a good job and catches on very well.....They are very eager in the morning to start school and I just pray it will last the year through.

Lillie is going to pre-school 5 days a week and at first I was a bit nervious to stick her in school like that everyday...but as the occupational - speeach- physical thearapist had tested her for this IEP program I learned that she was still in need of all three and would see them weekly....so going to pre-school would help her in all the areas she is behind in....Lillie loves school and is so tired when she gets home and not to mention she is the only student so far....so she is getting alot of one on one attention.

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For His Glory said...

I am actually very excited to be "back in the swing"...I just work better on a schedule and routine. The picture of Lillie going to school is priceless! And I am so proud of you and your diligence to persevere in schooling!