Monday, July 20, 2009


So after 2 reschuldes of Addisons appt with the allergist we made it today to walnut creek!As most of you know Addison has had eczema on her body since birth and she is going on 6 years old!This eczema that she has had since birth has caused her to sleep bad at night and she is almost always scrathing during the day or when ever she is hot or its winter and the air is cold!She gets mulitple staph infections due to her open sores from scratching and her sores being exposed to the enviormennt and all the germs that it carries!She is normally put on Keflex to help her with getting rid of the staphs!Other then that she takes a med at night to help her stop iching and a med for the day to help her through the day as well.Now in this last year as most know Addison had a asthma attack and was put in the hospital for 3 days!When Addison was born The allergist then said" dont be suprised if this little girl has asthma when she gets a bit bigger if she doesnt out grow the eczema" and here we are a bit bigger and sure enough that doctor was correct:)

They did testing on Addison in fact the tested for 30 things that she would or could mostly be allergic to!Her ped wanted to test her because of the asthma and the eczema!there has to be a reason right?Well yes there has to be :) I just wish this test was done sooner then later!because Addisons body responded to 29 of the 30 things!YES 29 OUT OF 30!!!!Crazy!!!her back Looked horrible with whelts and she was ichy so I faned her back with a book for 30 mins!as I watched her back get red and huge with welts!Thank God there were some that were lower in fact 14 were lower and the other 16 was high:) so they are going to test her blood to see if the lows are positive through blood and if so we will go from there!Its mostly foods and 3 animals that they are re testing.

I have to say Adddison did a great job while the nurse scratched her back with different things!She watched a movie while waiting for the doctor to come back in to look at her back!

After the test was done and the doctor went out Addison asked me"mommy did they find out why I always ich?" I told her "Yes baby they did" I dont want her to worry about it!scratching is enough for her!Iam so tthankful that we can help her to avoid certain things that will allow her body to heal!or stay under control!This girl is very allergic to our maple tree in the front yard and Addison LOVES CLIMING ON!!her severe eczema and allergies and astma have been the resultof the things she is allergic to and now we will try our best to do the best to help this spunky girl of ours!I dont think I could ask for anything more then for her to not be highly allergic to animals!Addison lives it seems to be around animals!Iam suppose to sign her up for horse lessons in a week and I actually forgot to have the doctor test for horses!We are going to call tomarrow too add it to her blood work testing!:(
I actually was suprised at Addisons test results but knowing God made Addison I trust in his plan for her life and what it holds.


Mooing Joyfully said...

What a blessing to know!! You will have to make some changes I'm sure but just knowing can bring you peace. I'll be praying for you
Love Ya,

For His Glory said... it usually never fails that my eyes tear up as I read your posts and have that song playing in the background!!!! Sister, you have more than I can ever imagine dealing with, but as you say, God has given you the "blessing" of caring for your family full of health problems...No accidents with God, He's bringing the rain to keep youe ever so dependant upon Him for what you know you can't do alone :)

P.S.MY poor little niece :( Not a fun day !!

The Pichura Family said...

Wow, Crystal...just when I think you could not possibly share any more health problems with suprise me again!!
I echo what Wendy said and I can picture you sitting at the computer typing...with a smile on your face!!! It has blessed my heart over and over again to see you go through all this with a joyful heart and words of praise to God!
Love you so very much!!!!

Ross and Lisa said...

I am so very sorry that she tested positive to so many things! I am even sorrier that I have to ask this question...are you sure that she doesn't have an EGID? It has been our experience that there is an underlying reason for such an increased response to allergens. There are many EE kids/adults with eczema and asthma. I hope that she does not have an EGID, I just thought it might be something to dicuss with Lily's doctors or another doctor that specializes in EGIDs. I hope you don't think I have stepped over the line. That has just been my experience with first Abigail and then Ross...that was actually our first indication that Ross might really have EE. Unfortunately, it proved to be true with him. Good luck and stay strong!

Brook said...

You did say you wanted to be a who better to care for then your own family, right? ;) ♥ It's so fabulous how God who knows our strengths, weaknesses and desires of our heart gives us EXACTLY what we need! ♥

megan said...

Crystal and Family,

Words can not truely express the emotions going through my body as I read your blog, with all the updates on your family. I can't believe the strength you find everyday to make it through. God has given you special kids with special need's for a reason,to help spread your trials, love, hope, tears, and strength with the rest of the world. You will continue to always be in my prayers and if you ever need anything I am here.

Love always,
Your friend Megan