Friday, July 3, 2009


Today Tony and I celebrate 5 years of being married together!When I think about 5 years of marriage with my hubby I think of the growth of knowing Christ together!I know that with out that growth we would not be getting through all the trials of having a husband with a medical disease (ulcerated colitis) to having Addison who had severe acid reflux(projectile vomiting)after every feeding and severe eczema at birth and to this day most of you know Addison still struggles with the eczema and the itching it causes her.I know without the Lord in our lives we would feel hopeless together because we would not be able to carry such a heavy load by ourselves and surly we couldn't do it in our own strength!especially when Lillie was in and out of the hospital the first year and a half of her life!We cant thank God enough for the peace,patience,and everything we have needed to make it through constant medical issues in our life together!God has been faithful time and time again to carry us us through all that he has placed in our lives!Our marriage I can honestly say would look scary without Christ in our lives together and that's not to say we don't have our ups and downs and we can sin when things get stressful and we forget to remind ourselves to seek Christ together in the stressful parts of having a sick family!we try to remind ourselves God is in control and we need to trust and wait on God who is control of everything!
Tony is a great husband and I honestly can say he is such a great best friend with out a doubt we make a great team when it comes to alot whether its tackling cleaning the house or getting the kids ready for bed!I love him very much and yes he drives me nuts with how clean he likes things but I think we even each other out :)I thank God for blessing me with a husband that is such a great friend and a husband that treasures his family by taking great care of them!I cant wait to grow old with him I know he will be bald but I will still love him lol.(his grandpa was bald and he seriously looks like his gramps and even has the receding hair line lol).I love to see God growing us through the trials God continues to keep us dependent on him as a couple and I honestly like looking back and seeing how far God has brought us and how much more we still have to be brought through!Iam blessed he has chosen Tony to be the one to be with me through it all.
Tony and I read through a book called "A love that last" by Gary & Betsy Ricucci and it is a great book!We actually should read it again because we read it a couple of years ago.There was a quote in there by john piper and I thought it was neat because I thought it goes with being married and Christ in the center when we put him first before anything else even our spouse!

"The longer I'm a Christian,the more aware I become that I cannot live the christian life on my own.My individual and direct relationship with God through Jesus Christ is the greatest privilege and he is truly all I need-and yet God in his wisdom has created all of us to need others,too.Is this a contradiction?not at all-for God has ordained that much of his grace flows to us through others.

I thought this was neat because all we do need is Christ and that is it but he gave us our spouse to be with us! I couldnt be more thankful for the blessing of a hubby!

This is a picture after we got married!


For His Glory said...

I love how you shared your heart and honesty of your marriage! It's "work" to be married and if anyone thinks it's a breeze they are highly mistaken and in for a real disapointment. You married for "better" or "worse" and you have defintly proved that God's grace has been sufficient through the "worse"! HAppy Anniversary! PS I have something for you guys :), but I'll to give it to you tomorrrow :)

Randall said...

Congrats you guys! What a beautiful family you have made together!!

The Pichura Family said...

Happy Anniversary, Crystal!!! Thanks for sharing your heart...I love seeing how God has grown and keeps growing you!!!

And I LOVED the quote you put on your post...boy is that a keeper!!!!

Mooing Joyfully said...

How sweet and so true. God continues to show us how much we need him. Your testimony is such a blessing to read. What greater joy is their than Christ.