Friday, July 10, 2009

Lillie's Scope at Children's Hospital !!!

Today Lillie had her Scope/Biopsy at Children's!This test will be done every 3-4 months to check for eosinophils in her esophagus and stomach!The reason for doing this for those of you who don't know it tells the doctors and me that if she has them in her body that there are still foods or enviormental that is causing them to still be present!so usually a child with EE has to go on formula only diet for so many months and wait for a clean scope then introduce 1 food for 3-4 months then scope to see if clear or f its not clear basically that tells you that foods not okay because it caused the eosinophils to be there!now if its clear you can introduce another food and so on !The reason for doing this is so that these children don't have to be in constant multiple pains and so they can have a chance to thrive without there body's attacking it self from the foods there body thinks is a bad invader .This is a very long process!!

This is Lillie's GI doctor and she is the one who does all the scopes/biopsy!!

So When Lillie woke up she couldn't have anything to drink or eat till after her scope!So needless to say we made some minor adjustments and ate our breakfast in our garage before she woke up so she wouldn't smell food and we didn't bring our drinks with us!We put her lunch in a totally different bag so she wouldn't think food would be in there!we also didn't use her diaper bag because she knew we keep all her yummy snacks and drinks so we used a totally different bag and then we put it in the very back of our car.Iam so glad we did because she didn't get into her scope/biopsy till 11:30 and we left at 7am from where we live to be there by 9am.

Tony worked on keeping her mind off the FOOD THING!!it was really actually cute!We had about 7 fits for food before the scope!

This is Lillie in the waiting room wanting her baabaa!!!!!!
Daddy keeping Lillie's mind off wanting to eat food!!! I see you!boo

Lillie went in and we had the choice to watch her get put under:(So we did and I honestly get sad to see her get put under!Iam not sure why but I would say that has been the hardest thing for me to see then anything else:)I think the fact that she looks lifeless and its scary!I also think to see her life in some strangers hands I know its a doctor but its someone I met 10 mins prior to her getting put under.I ultimately know God has Lillie's life in his hand before the doctors do and that He is in Complete control of where the doctors hands go and I know I have nothing to fear because this is the truth.

Daddy and Lillie going for the 50th walk :) down the hall!I love this picture:)

Lillie's doctor came and let us know when she was done!she said Lillie's esophagus looked good and that there was no scar tissue and it was not inflamed!So this is good !She took blood as well to check her blood for why she is cramping in her feet and hands!She tested for several other things as well.I Had asked her prior to her scope to look at her tube because it looked like a rash and She did say she had yeast around her g-tube and it looked like she was developing a couple staph's around her tube as well so she prescribed 2 meds to clear it up.She will have the results by friday of next week from the blood work and the biopsy and she said if there are no eosinophils that we could trial one food!and she said if it comes back with them in her esophagus then we will talk about what we should do! I will be sure to keep you posted.

The nurse giving Lillie stickers !!!

Lillie woke up crabby as always and was trying to rip her iv out and she wanted the pulse ox off to.She was cracking me up:)She got a little stuff piggy from the nurse and then we headed on home.

Lillie still kinda out of it after her scope!!

God is good and continues to be faithful to see us through each and everyday!!Lillie also gained weight with the night feeds we have been doing!we will continue to keep her on the night feeds.Thank you Lord!

PS. My sister blessed Tony and I by watching our 2 children while we took Lillie today!Thank you Wendy.


For His Glory said...

My Heart is rejoicing in this ray of sunshine!! You guys have been doing so much work to help her with her condition and LOOK, it has done well! It continues to be a daily labor to keep Lillie healthy and I will pray God continue to equip you with patience and renewed strength! Just remember, His mercies are new every morning!!

Ross and Lisa said...

So glad to hear everything went well with the scope!! Hey, I have a question about the hand and feet pain...did you say you have found articles where this can be related to EE? I would like more info about this if you have it. Thanks! You can email me at Have a blessed day!

Brook said...

Ah, sweet Lillie. I am thankful her scope went well. Praise God! ♥ Much love! ♥

Mooing Joyfully said...

thank you for sharing your heart about Lillie. I love to read about her and seeing how God give you strength. Your attitude is truly God glorify. I will continue to pray for you.

Megan Gery said...

This brings back to many memories of being in the hospital with Jillian. God bless the strength you find everyday to keep on going. Dont ever give up!!!
Love you guys!!!