Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Trip To The Mountains !!!

Nana and Kalani and Kawika jr

My sister Wendy and her husband Kawika!!

Me and my Hubby!!

The kids had a paddle boat that auntie rented for them!!

Anthony playing in the water!!

Kalani and Lillie in the water!!

Kalani and Addison!!

Mom and Aunt Jackie!!

Kawika in the loft!!

Kalani and Addison!

Lillie watching Papa fix the bird feeder that a bear got into!!!

Papa and Addison

Daddy taking kids for a ride :)

Papa and Lillie!!I love this picture!!

Nana and Kawika jr

The girls!!

We went up to my dad and moms property for 4 days and we had alot of fun I do believe the kids had a blast!We enjoyed going to mill pond where all the kids played for hours!Papa took the kids for jeep rides,the kids shoot guns,The kids found lots of bugs and even a baby squirrel and Addison and Anthony even pet the little guy.We seen a bear that was trying to get to our food!That made me not sleep good at all that night lol:)Tony and Kawika seen a buck and a baby deer that couldn't walk good because he was so little!We enjoyed Gods creation and the beauty of it all.
It was so hard to keep the kids clean besides myself it is crazy how fast you get dirty especially the kids lol !!!I must say it is a lot of work to go camping with little ones!It was nice because not only were we up there with my dad and mom!We were up there with my sister and her family as well as my Aunt and my uncle!In fact they made all of us dinner every night we were up there.It was such a blessing to be with my family I so enjoy being with them.


Randall said...

It looks like you guys had a nice dirty time! I love the pic of your Mom with the 409. I can see what you ladies must have been doing the whole time... CLEANING!

For His Glory said...

Oh my word the pic of Addison in the forest with plaid shorts stinkin looks like you when you were her age!! That's crazy!! Now it's time to take a vacation, from our vacation (ha ha)

For His Glory said...

And by the way, everytime I hear that song on your blog it brings tears to my eyes, because I know how true it is for you dear sister...

The Pichura Family said...

I loved all the pictures!!!! Thanks Crystal!!!

Mooing Joyfully said...

I love the picture of Addison in the water. It sound like you got a break from cooking and baths.