Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anthony's Hospital Stay At Childrens Hospital

This picture was when we were driving down to oakland on friday he didnt feel good at all.
I took Anthony into the doctor on friday because he had a rash on his face and swelling(found out it was staph infection) under his chin and the doctor who is not his normal ped said he has impetigo and was not sure about the swelling under his chin. he didnt like the look of the swelling and redness and gave Anthony a shot of antibiotics and asked me to take him to the ER at Childrens Hospital in Oakland.So my mom and I did and headed to Oakland when we got there they took a look at him and gave me 2 different meds one for his face and the other for his swelling!They sent us home and told us to come back in the morning for a re-evaluation or if it got worse in the middle of the night to come back.That night I gave him his 2nd dose of meds and in the morning gave him his 3rd dose of meds and he was worse then the night before and he was still not playing or eating and all he was doing was laying around like the day before which is not normal for Anthony at all.Tony and I drove back to Oakland and had one doctor that we didnt feel comfortable with and felt she was was not looking to the best interest of our son so we asked for another doctor to come look at our son and this doctor felt Anthony needed to be admitted into the hospital.So they admitted him and put a IV in and started antibiotics because the meds he was on at home where not working at all.

We were there from the 12th - 15th (3 nights 4 days) It was not until yesterday morning that the swelling showed some improvement thats after 11 IV antibiotic doses and then today he was totally my Anthony again.I am so thankful to God he is okay and that they didnt have to cut it to drain or anything like that and Iam thankful for the comfort He gives our family when we have enexpected hospital stays.God shows his greatness and his through our friends and family who are there to encourage us and pray for our family and show they care and sometimes thats a call to see how we are doing or a delious meal or coming to see us in the hospital or watching our kiddies so that tony can go to work while Iam with one of my children in the hospital.So thank you to all of the special people who care

Talk about trying to keep a getting better boy busy in a little hospital area
One of Anthonys nurses coloring with him while I had went and got lunch.

Anthony was playing play station! Yes they have play stations at the hospital lol

Wow after being there for 4 days he actually became a doctor lol


Brook said...

Sweet little man. I sure hope he's feeling much better! ♥

For His Glory said...

I think they just need to have a room with your name written on it! No I know it's not your favorite place, but you make the best of it while you are there to glorify GOD!