Thursday, June 3, 2010


In February we moved to this home!We wanted to find a home that was bigger with more space incase Gods will for our family was to adopt.We wanted to be prepared for what God was going to do in our family,This home has came as a huge blessing to our family and I do believe it was Gods will for us to rent this home.

I had seen this home in the paper and mentioned it to my husband that this home was twice the size of the home we were living in that was 1,300sq and that this home was 2,400sq and it was only 25 dollars more a month.Yeah......crazy well he didnt seem interested as he figured someone proably already is renting it for the price. So 2 weeks had went by and it was still in the paper and so i had called and got a application and we went to look at this home.well long story short we were more then out of the list of people with the manager and well he called 2 days later and asked if we wanted the house and lets just say we were blown away at the fact that we new without a shadow of a doubt we were not going to get this home......lets just say God had other plans for us and that was to rent this home that we now find so peaceful to live in.Some fun extras that we find to be a HUGE blessing is we have 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms , a play room, and a office where we do schooling. God is so good to us when we dont even deserve it at all and he is so awsome to let us rent this home.
We were able to have Easter with my moms side of family shortly after my grandpa passed away and it was such a blessing to gather together to celebrate Jesus Christ and comfort eachother at the same time.


Brook said...

How great is our King who sent His precious Son to pay the price for our sins while we were still sinners. And now we can have a wonderful relationship with Him and call Him Father. How wonderful is He who knows our hearts and provides (Matthew 7:8-11) as a loving Father to His children. How fantastic is it that when we stand before Him Jesus is our mediator and we have been able to taken off the old and put on the new. We are new creatures (Ezekiel 36:26-27). :) Thank you so much for sharing what the Lord is doing in your life. I absolutely love watching God at work!!! I can't wait to see where everything goes with the adoption process. :) I am rejoicing with you!!! (Romans 12:15.) Much love.

For His Glory said...

I love this house and am sooo greatful to God for giving it to you to live in for however long he sees fit :)...It's perfect for you all!