Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Fun Day At Sandy Beach

Mama and Lillie
Tonys younger sisters Alisha and Danielle and me
Tonys cousins son Owen:) isnt he presious
Auntie Alisha (one of tonys younger sisters)and Addison
Lillie and Trinity playing in the sand (Alishas daughter)
Some of the little kiddies
Dylan tonys cousins son with kawika jr
aww I love this picture
Me and Trin
Addison loves the water
Lillie girl actually sitting in the sand :) her auntie got her warmed up to it and now she loves it.
Kawika with his handsome mow hawk


For His Glory said...

Awe I loved all those pics! I kinda wanna go down there now :) I said "kinda"

Brook said...

Trinity has gotten so big!!!! Wow. I still think of her as barely old enough to crawl.

Reflections of Humility said...

What fun memories you are building together.:)

Brook said...

Where did you go, girl? Got lots going on? I miss your blogging. ;)

In fervent love,