Friday, March 27, 2009

Addison is in the hospital !

This morning while our entire family went to Lillie's occupational therapy because we had missed her speech and occupational therapy yesterday because the night before I had ate something that made me sick and I wasn't sure I felt well enough to take her! So Addison tells daddy and me she was not breathing good and I figured she had asthma or a very bad cold because our son Anthony had a asthma attack last year around the same time this year and I knew some of the symptoms that went with asthma but was not sure that was what was going on so anyway back to my son I ended up calling 911 let me remind you my son had no asthma signs prior and neither has Addison but Anthony was in the hospital for 3 days in may last year! so on our way home I called her paediatrician in Brent wood so that she could be seen! her apt was at 3:30pm it was 10:00am when I called so when we got back home I went to pay bills and pass time away while we waited for her apt! tony had called and said Addison was panicky so I came straight home left to brentwood early we got to Brent wood around 1:30-2:00pm and said she needs to be seen now please!!!!!! So they seen her and did 3 breathing treatments on her and they did not help at all until the last treatment it managed to get her breathing stable long enough to drive her 10 min to the hospital where they admitted and there was a bed ready for her!

The doctor came in and asked a million questions :)and then they took her down for some x-rays to see whats going on with her!we will find out tomorrow what the results are!Addison has thrown up and we have no idea why besides it might be all the stuff going on overwhelmed her! The doctors have been giving her breathing treatments every 2 hours and are going to continue till her breathing is safe.Addison will have to stay another night besides tonight if she uses oxygen tonight while she sleeps! and if she uses oxygen the next night we will be staying again and so on!So we are praying Gods will be done for Addison and she will heal and we will know whats going on with her soon.

I know God is good even in trials I was so blessed when they brought Addison's dinner in her room tonight because not only did they bring her food in they brought me a dinner as well I had said to the nurse"oh you had extra ha ? and she said " no this is for you! we feed the parents breakfast ,lunch and dinner"! Ya and the food had a little real Hawaiian flower in the middle of our food and she said every meal comes with a flower! If you don't already know that cafeteria food can be costly and boy it is!!! we have been in the hospital alot to know what a blessing this is to 1. not leave my child alone to get food and 2. to not have added expenses besides co-pays for hospital stay and the co-pays for mends when we leave as well. So praise God for this blessing!!He is good!!

Another blessing is that my mom and dad took Lillie for us and kawika and Wendy took Anthony for us!We are so thankful for our family and appreciate all they do for us!cause this is not just our journey that the Lord has brought into our lives its our family as well! just like our dads heart surgery and kawika and Wendy's adoption process! the Lord uses all of this to change our hearts and to shape and mold us to be more like his likeness and to glorify him in all that he places into our hearts! So praise God!!

I will blog tomorrow and let you know what is going on with this little precious blessing of a child!!


The Pichura Family said...

My dear, sweet friend! You are such a beautiful testimony of the grace of God and the fact that His strength is perfected in weakness! God shines through you, know that!!! Love you and we will be praying!!! Keep us informed!!!

For His Glory said...

I love how you are determined to see Christ in your circumstances and that all of these medical conditions between the kids has caused you to see your complete dependance apon Christ! God's Grace is truely sufficient! Fleshly I look at all the kids' medical conditions and I feel overwhelmed for you, but I am sooo thankful to be here alongside of you to serve and be used by God to help in whatever way you need~Love you, see you when you get home:)

lisha said...

These pictures make me sad lol.