Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thank You Lord !!! Lillie is 20 lbs FINALLY!!

I took Lillie to her pediatrician Dr.Garcia for her monthly annual weight check, and yes she was 20 pounds! This is very huge for our family because of Lillie's lack of growing, and being in the 3% of kids her age since birth, and she continues to be off the charts as of now! This weight check each month is to make sure Lillie is gaining and not losing weight. About 3 months ago Tony, and I felt that Lillie didn't need to be on the feeding tube at night any more only because her body was telling us that she wasn't gaining any more weight with the tube hooked up as she was in her first 18 months of life when she severely was needing the tube. The doctor agreed that each month we would do a weight check so we could prove to him she could gain weight without it, and that what we were feeding her would be enough for her to gain weight each month.So for the last 3 months Lillie has gained 80z and sometimes more then that each month.The Lord has allowed Lillie to gain the weight he wanted her to gain each month, and the way her Dr wanted her to as well!So we are hopeful that her Gastroenterology appointment this week will go well ,and Dr.Gleghorn will say she doesn't need her tube any more!So we are excited to see what the Lord has planed for this little child of his. I do know I will continue to be thankful no matter what happens!The Lord knows what is best for our family and if it is the best thing for Lillie to have her tube removed then praise God and if is his will for Lillie i to still have this tube still placed in her tummy then I will praise him still!I trust and know he has our best in interest and I may not see that at the time and I may not know what is going on or what the next day holds for me but I do know I love the Lord and I trust him and his plan for Lillie and our families life!!I must say the Lord has given me a peace and joy that only comes from knowing a ALL KNOWING FATHER!!!I know I'm safe in trusting him!!!Not doctors,and surly not myself and my thoughts!I thank God for the time he has given to me with all my children and I thank God for all he has done in our hearts through this journey with Lillie girl.We are so excited to see Lillie grow and gain weight! and Iam so happy she can legally face forward in the car!! yay!!


The Pichura Family said...

Praise the Lord for this sweet milestone! Crystal...she is so precious and looks GREAT!!!

For His Glory said...

I think you said it perfectly when you said, "trusting in an all knowing Father" and not in your thoughts...If you were trusting in your thoughts you'd be living in fear, anxiety, frustration, etc...I'm not saying that those thought havn't crossed your mind, but it's what we do with our thoughts that determine how we respond...You and Tony have been a great source of encouragement watching as you keep walking in Faith!! Faith in God! Love you

TeaLa Yohe said...

Crystal & Family,
I am so very happy to hear this news!!!

I love all your children, each one is very unique and very special to me.

lisha said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA AWWWW I bet we could fit trinity and her in one side of the sink lol. Way cute! Shes getting to be a big girl!